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We believe that our national parks are America's most excellent idea — a treasure that should be cherished, shared and preserved for generations. The US National Parks system includes not only national parks but national monuments and historical sites, the Wild and Scenic Rivers system and more. 


The National Parks Project is an ongoing passion project that Sheets Studios started years ago to share world-class imagery from national parks around the country, as an outreach for those unable to explore these locations. We especially hope that by capturing these parks in a cinematic and compelling way, we can help connect today’s youth to these parks and imprint their importance.


We have a mission to continue to advocate for our parks and to share the inspiring beauty that we capture. Enjoy!

National Parks exemplify our nations' best assets and we believe that in order to communicate that we need to use the best gear available to capture those images. From 8k motion time lapse to 8k moving images, we use the industry's best gear.

These are just a few of the fun "toys" Sheets Studios gets to use...but really, at the end of the day, it's the countless amount of time we have put into filming that allows us to show you what we have captured.


Red Helium

Red Dragon

Canon 50-1000mm Lens

Canon 30-300mm Lens

Movi Pro

Cinetruck with a Black Arm

Zeiss CP.2 and CP.3 Lens Package

Kessler Slider and Second Shooter for Motion Time Lapse


Work with us to capture the true essence of your brand. From creative development to video or imagery, Sheets Studios has the capabilities to bring your brand to life. Let's work on a project, together. 

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