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Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, St. John’s Health (SJH) is considered one of the best small-town hospitals in America. The hospital has expanded over the years to include a birth center, cancer pavilion, wellness corridor, and more. SJH has 650 employees that provide a broad range of services to care for a local and tourist community preventing travel for excellent services.


Our collaboration with St. John's Health started when they moved forward with re-branding St. Johns Hospital to St. John's Health in 2019.

We worked closely with their marketing and leadership team to help concept an idea for a larger "Brand Launch" as well as marketing "nuggets" to use for the pre/post promotion of the brand on social media platforms, in person presentations and their website.


St. John's Health is one of America's best small town hospitals and we believe that in order to communicate that, we needed to use the best gear available to capture those images. From super slow motion to 8k moving images, we use the industry's best gear to help highlight the hero's working at St. Johns Health in Jackson, Wyoming.

These are just a few of the fun "toys" Sheets Studios gets to use...but really, at the end of the day, it's the countless amount of time we have put into filming that allows us to show you a glimpse inside the incredible work going on everyday at St. John's Health.


Red Helium

Red Dragon

Canon 50-1000mm Lens

Canon 30-300mm Lens

Movi Pro

Cinetruck with a Black Arm

Zeiss CP.2 and CP.3 Lens Package

Kessler Slider and Second Shooter for Motion Time Lapse

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