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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) is a world-renowned brand, resort and location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From skiing to running and from wildlife to lifestyle, JHMR leads the way in innovation and creative marketing among ski resorts. They’ve been successful in building brand awareness and cultivating a loyal and large following.


Sheets Studio has enjoyed a long-term partnership with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and we continue to work on a range of projects together. From collaborating on stunning tourism imagery to video projects such as "Welcome to Winter" and our latest "Running" project, Sheets Studios has been pushing the envelope to develop new ideas within cinematography to impress JHMR and their followers.


The variety of projects for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has challenged us to use all of our gear. From fully lit interviews to our cinetruck for moving, to stabilizing images with our Red Helium — we have pushed cinematography to its limit with JHMR.


We can capture the true essence of your brand. From creative development to video or imagery, Sheets Studio has the capabilities to bring your brand to life. Let’s work on a project together.