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43.4807° N, 110.7634° W

Grand Teton National Park Foundation works to preserve and enhance Grand Teton National Park by donating millions of dollars each year.

This partnership enhances programs, helps further training for search and rescue, preserves and restores historically valued land and buildings, protects wildlife, and educates youth. 

Sheets Studios is proud to be a long term partner of over 10 years with Grand Teton National Park Foundation supporting their vision through photo and video production assets.


Sheets Studios has a long history with Grand Teton National Park Foundation and our ongoing projects include photo and video assets for the protection of wildlife, youth education initiatives, cultural projects, training programs and restoration projects to name a few.

Our work has been used for a multitude of platforms such as web, print, social in order to educate the public, raise funds to projects and help protect the park.

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