Creating a Commercial

Earlier this year, during a horrible rain storm and a weather outlook that looked unfavorable, I hit the road with a friend of mine, Eric Kiel.


He had a vision and I had a passion…and together we agreed to travel thousands of miles over the course of 3 to 4 days to chase a story.  One that ultimately led us to the Pacific Ocean from our mountain towns of Sun Valley, ID and Jackson Hole, WY.


Filming at the ocean


We had our doubts and filmed through some struggles…rain isn’t your friend when using video production equipment.  Any even though the sun really never came out I couldn’t believe the gorgeous views and landscapes of the northern Californian coastline.  (Made a mention note to make sure I get back here soon.)


Filming Surfing in California


While filming our surfer we lucked out with less rain and even a few spots where we could sneak in some shots with only clouds…made it much easier to run around without worrying about destroying all the camera gear!

If I learned anything from this shoot it’s follow your passion…don’t give up…and keep shooting.  We could have easily scrapped the shoot or delayed it…but because we dove head first we came out with one of the best spots I have ever filmed.

Take a look:



It’s the bad weather and moody skies that make this spot come to life…and while filming all I could think about was what would this be like if the sun came out?!  Honestly, I couldn’t he happier that it didn’t.

Seeing this only pushes me harder…I am ready to get back out there and create more stories that speak to me.




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